Reports, Articles and Stories

Below are the reports, stories, articles and other writings received during Exchange Year 2000 ~ 2001.  There are some real gems in the group, and several have been reprinted in other Youth Exchange media.  Enjoy!

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July 2001

" Courage to make a difference!" from Krissy (7/24) Final report from Patrick (7/19)
Digest #13...Thank You  (7/11)

June 2001

Some thoughts on going home (6/30)
Rapport Nummer Elva - Tack ska Ni ha! (6/27) Luky's June report from Austric (6/13)
Rapport Nummer Tio - 'Att ta studenten i Sverige'! (6/13) Mei (May) from Corinne (6/6)
Thank you letter from Ursula (6/6) BUSARA’S DIGEST #12 (6/5)


May 2001

Krissy Hanna writes"Oi do Brasil" 5/31
Rapport Nummer Nio! (5/30) A very thoughtful piece from Roly after visiting Hiroshima (5/23)
Corinne reappears from Holland (5/14) Busara's Digest #11...part #2 (5/8)
Another report from Roly in Japan (5/8) An epicurian report by Patrick!!! (5/5)
A report from Argentina (5?3) Patrick reports from Japan (5/1)

April 2001

Busara’s Digest #11…Part #1 (4/30)  Mariana tells of her travels (4/27)
Rapport Nummer Åtta! (4/25) Luky's report from Austria (4/17)
Roly writes from Japan (4/17)

March 2001

Mariana's March Report from Finland (3/30)
Maart (March) report from Corinne (3/27) "cou cou Finally!" from Patricia (3/23) 
Rapport Nummer Sju! (3/21) BUSARA’S DIGEST #10 (3/18)
Roly reappears from Japan! (3/14) Puqui writes from France (3/10)

Advice letters from our current Outbounds to our new group of Outbounds

Krissy in Brazil Angelo from Sweden
Mariana from Finland
Barbara in Thailand
Corinne in Netherlands  
Corinne's February Report (3/2) Krissy sends a poem (3/7)
Another report from Patrick in Japan  (3/1) Luky files a new report (3/1)


February 2001

Rapport Nummer Sex! (2/25) Patrick gives a New Year's report from Japan (2/19)
Mariana reports about the cold in Finland (2/19) Great report from Krissy about  Brazil trip (2/8)
Barbara's report #9 (2/8) Luky reports in (2/8)

January 2001

Corinne changes families (1/25)
A testimonial from Qi Li, former Outbound.  A MUST READ for anyone thinking about an exchange (1/24) Luky cripples host Mom! (1/22)
Ursula falls off a mountain (1/22) Patricia travels in Belgium (1/15)

Patrick reports from Japan (1/15)

Angelo SKIIS!!!  (1/14)

Mariana freezes in Finland (1/14)

A Christmas report from Vanessa (1/8)

Barbara shares her "Perspective of Thailand"  1/5

April writes about December in Argentina (1/8)

Particia celebrates Christmas in Belgium (1/4)

Busara's Digest #8  1/3

December 2000

Part of a report from Corinne  (12/26)

Busara's Digest #7  12/20

Roly reappears from Japan!!  (12/11)

Hi FRoM ArGEnTiNa (12/11)

Vanessa writes again!!!  (12/2)

November report from Corinne (12/2)

¡hola desde argentina! (12/2)

Continuation of Corinne's earlier report (12/2)

Luky's report from Austria  (12/2)

Patrick writes from Japan (12/2)

Rapport nummer fyra! (12/2)

Busara's Digest #6  (12/2)

November 2000

FINALLY, a report from Vanessa in Germany (11/12) Corinne from Netherlands (11/12)
Puqui's report from France (11/12) Mariana says it's cold in Finland (11/12)
Busara's Digest #5  (11/4) April writes from Argentina (11/4)


October 2000

Ursula visits PARIS!!  (10/30) Busara's Digest #4 (10/26)
Rapport nummer tre! (10/26) 2eme mois aux Belgique : ) (10/26)
An Interview with Krissy (10/19) Mariana sees the REAL Santa Claus!  (10/19)
Patrick is ALIVE!! His First Report! (10/2) Luky sees snow (10/10)
Puqui writes from France (10/2) Corrine's September report from Nederland (10/2)

September 2000

Barbara's second September report (9/28) Angelo's second September report (9/28)
Barbara again from Thailand Angelo writes from Sweden
Luky reports from Austria Krissy sends another report from Brazil

AND  and some advice on Language

Second report from April, Argentina Ursula writes her first report from Belgium
Barbara's first report from Thailand Roly writes a second report from Japan;
Puqui sends in a great report from France   .....AND Roly writes about being role models

August 2000

Angelo 's first report from Sverige Corinne writes again!
Roly writes from Japan Mariana in Finland sends her report
Luky from Austria reports in Patricia's first report from Belgique
Krissy reports from Brasil First report from April in Argentina
First report from Corinne in The Netherlands