2004 - 2005


During the year we receive reports from our Outbounds as well as stories and articles from and about Inbounds, former students and others interested in Youth Exchange.  Click on the dates below to read their reports.

Adrienn Ladotsy

Inbound from Hungary

Alejandro Corredor

Outbound to Austria

Anju Gonzalez

Outbound to Finland

Carla Zavala

Outbound to Germany

Danial Waugh

Outbound toThailand

Daniella Gonçalves

Inbound from Brazil

Diahann Marshall

Outbound to Ecaudor

Elena Järviö

Inbound from Finland

Jerad Hollingsworth

Outbound to Germany

Julia Prescher

Inbound from Germany

Luis Guisasola

Outbound to France

Marco Barbieri

Outbound to Hungary

Maria Barona

Outbound to Italy

Miki Shimada

Inbound from Japan

Peter Bause

Inbound from Germany

Polly Sittinawawit

Inbound from Thailand

Roei Yitzchack

Outbound to Brazil

Sabrina Rodriguez

Outbound to Japan

Sophie Marcelo

Inbound from France

Therol Voché

Outbound to Framce

Xavier Pino

Yuki Matsuda

Inbound from Japan